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Edison Pearl Lariat with Pave Diamond Bead

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          Each Edison Pearl is carefully hand selected and intricately crafted with intention and love. This simple yet stunning lariat is crafted with Pink Edison Pearls. The central pearl is a HUGE, lustrous, 14mm round pearl that slides to let your head pass through the loop. There are two adaptable 13mm drop pearls that fall delicately. Pearls are good for wisdom, emotional control, and focusing the mind. Complementing this piece is a 10mm Pave Diamond Ball. Diamonds enhance the effects of all other crystals. It also brings positive physical and spiritual energy, clears mental obstacles, brings protection, creativity, and spiritual awareness.

           Pearls are natural elements, no two pieces are exactly the same. These are not to be viewed as flaws but enhance the character of each piece which makes them unique. Each pearl is carefully hand drilled and strung on leather cord. This piece can be worn as a long lariat or wrapped around your head for a choker look. These versatile pieces can be worn for any occasion. 


This listing is for one 51 inch Edison Pearl Lariat with 10mm Pave Diamond Ball.

Item number: L02-141315-01


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