Seven Sparrows was born in September of 2016. One night, as Sheena was creating a piece for herself, the idea that jewelry could be more than just an accessory came to her. She wanted to create a line of jewelry that expressed her inspiration and love of nature, along with the desire to encourage the importance of self-care by living an authentic and quality life. She incorporates gemstones, pearls, and diamonds in her designs to utilize their metaphysical energies that aid in reconnecting with oneself; mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Thus the dream was born and she decided to jump in and pursue her passion of creating meaningfully crafted handmade jewelry. 

       The number seven is associated with luck and is considered the “perfect” number. It is also a representation of inner wisdom, intelligence, perseverance, and spirituality. Sparrows are Sheena’s favorite bird because they are small and cute, yet also empowering. Sparrows are neutral brown birds that don’t look like much but possess the essence of so much more. They inspire energy and passion, love for oneself and others, and remind us to not underestimate our own innate abilities. They encourage us to act with dignity and carry respect for ourselves. Throughout life, we encounter many positive and negative experiences. It is important to learn how to overcome the negatives and not to let them “clip your wings.” It is essential to live a full and meaningful life by living authentically and doing things that set our souls on fire.

       Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted with intention and love. Inspired by her love of nature, Sheena carefully handpicks each gemstone, pearl, and pave diamond component to incorporate into each unique piece. She makes her jewelry in small batches to ensure quality. Because she uses gemstones and natural elements, no two pieces are the same. These dissimilarities are not to be viewed as flaws but enhance the unique character of each piece. Due to her standards of quality, she handpicks each item before organically sitting down to create a piece. Because she purchases materials in small batches, each design has limited quantities.