Horizon - Iolite Earrings
Seven Sparrows

Horizon - Iolite Earrings

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          This mesmerizing piece is intricately hand-crafted with 14 kt gold-filled components and three faceted Iolite Gemstone accents. Each Iolite briolette cut stone is carefully hand selected and wire wrapped with 14 kt gold filled wire. Each face of the briolette cut Iolite gem radiates light and emits a vibrant violet-blue hue with grey and purple flashes. Iolite is a gemstone variety of Cordierite that exhibits a pleochroic effect (meaning that light gets split into two parts as it passes through the stone). Iolite is a spiritually-oriented stone and is good for intuition and emotional attachments. Also good for relationships, growth, balance and living in the moment.


This listing is for one pair of Horizon Earrings with faceted Iolite Gemstones.

Item number: E08-03-01

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