Seven Sparrows

Lapis Lazuli with 11mm Tahitian Pearl Bracelet

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           Lapis Lazuli is a combination rock type of Calcite, Lazurite, and Pyrite. Known as a “feel better” stone, it brings vitality, wisdom, creativity, and mental endurance. It also brings harmony and deep inner self-knowledge. This simple yet enticing bracelet is crafted with beautiful two-toned bold dark-blue and gold, round 10mm beads. Complimenting this piece is a gorgeous dark 11mm Tahitian Pearl. Tahitian Pearls are beneficial for wisdom, emotional control, and focusing the mind. Each pearl is unique in size, shape, and color. Making each piece one of a kind. Each bead is carefully hand selected and strung on high-quality elastic cord. The elasticity of the bracelet will allow it to stretch and retract for a comfortable fit around your wrist.

This listing is for one 7 inch Lapis Lazuli with 11mm Tahitian Pearl Bracelet. 

Women's Bracelet. 

Item number: B0910-01-03 

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